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Hello Friends!
Neighborhood Food Truck Pop Ups FAQ.

We require the HOA's or Complex Manager's approval. (trucks require it)

We require to be the only one that schedules food trucks in your neighborhood. Here's why...
1. This eliminates double bookings and protects our members from oversaturation.
2. We ensure scheduled trucks are properly permitted and in good standings with local board of health agencies.
3. We keep all our members certificates of Insurance on file.
4. We update all members with all the CDC updates from our local Board of health agencies for COVID-19

We require the Name/location/# of homes/units.

We review the above information and agree on a certain day/s a week/month.

A dedicated locations contact person, that the trucks will send their date confirmation, serve times and menu To be promoted internally to the residents through neighborhood Facebook groups and the nextdoor app.

We submit all your location's pertinent information on the cloud and all our members can request dates that fit their schedule for our approval.

Once we schedule and confirm with the trucks, they then have 24 hours to contact the location's contact person.

We do try to schedule a diverse selection of cuisines,

With over 70 members connected live 24/7 we are Central Indiana's largest food truck supplier.

During the COVID-19 PANDEMIC this is a free service.

Thanks for all your support and interest. 
Your Friends of Fred Food Trucks

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